March 1, 2023

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Info products (eBooks, flipbooks, etc) are the most profitable products on the internet… Because they sell like crazy.

But writing a full blown eBook, designing, & formatting is a tough nut to crack… It could take you months to write just 10-20 pages eBook.

And if you hire a freelancer, you'll spend $300 - $500 for just an average boring eBook that sucks

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You can now Autocreate Ebooks, Flipbooks, reports and any other Info–products and profit from over 20 million readers Private Marketplace without selling using the power of Ink AI

This is the World's First Software that converts any Blog post, Websites, URL, or Content into a Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook Creator

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You never have to pay for multiple software or platforms with low-quality outcomes.

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All you need is a simple 4 steps to activate this Ink AI;

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In fact, if you have been using Amazon to sell your ebook without getting sales,

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You can do virtually anything like generating content, Graphics, Designs and so much more and get them all ready in 60secs

And also Turn your voice or any speech into an Ebook without hiring a Ghostwriter

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